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Where We’re All Heading To

I haven’t written a poem in a long time. Besides the fact that work has been draining my energy and creative juices for the past few months, my self-doubt has also been so strong that I always question myself and my ability to write. No wonder, I feel amazed whenever I find poems I wrote in the past. Usually written on pages of old notebooks or saved in old folders in my drive, these poems give me hope. They may not be perfect (in fact, I find some of them too amateur), but they inspire me to be the person who I used to be–someone who was so confident in creating art. Anyway, he’s “Where We’re Heading To”, a poem I wrote two or three years ago: Territorial boarders, skin color, and language barriers define alienation: We are not from the same country, we differ in skin color, and speak different languages; we are not the same.  Your concerns are different from mine and it is easy not to care at all. It’s great, I can eat …

Check Out My Poems in Florilegia: Parole 2016

My poem “The End Is Coming” has been published in this  year’s issue of Parole: The UP Portia Sorority Literary Folio called Florilegia. Other poems of mine, namely “Sonnet of a Bitch”, “Condo Living”, and “Resolutions” have also been featured in this folio. To read the entire issue click here. You may also check out UP Portia Literary Folio’s blog here.

In Photos: Pinto Art Museum

Since I grew up in Antipolo City, I always get asked about Pinto Art Museum. It was a shame, though, for I wasn’t able to visit the place until last summer. It was a hot Saturday morning. Eager to break free from my weekend routine, I decided to check out the museum many friends were talking about. I took a cab to Katipunan, then a jeepney to Antipolo City. From the cathedral, I took a tricycle to Grand Heights, the village where the said museum was in. Honestly, I loved the place. I immediately realized that it was worth coming back to every now and then. Apart from being home to really brilliant artworks, it was also a perfect destination who wants to take a break from the stress of everyday life. In a quiet and calming place like this, one could easily find peace. Here, you could be free from distractions. Yet, be prepared to hear mostly your own voice–something you usually don’t hear or simply take for granted when immersed in the cluttered, noisy, and busy city. Beware, beware. This voice …

Canton Atbp: Two Faces of Filipino Society Portrayed Through Dance

It is never easy to stop thinking after watching a performance of Daloy Dance Company. It is always amazing how its members are able to communicate message and trigger thoughts even in the absence of words. Even the way they put things together is admirable.

It was the same of realization I had after seeing “Canton Atbp.” at Tanghalang Batutue at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Like “Reconfigure,” it was part of this year’s Fringe Manila Arts Festival. The twin bill production consisted of “Canton” and “Himalaya.”