About me

I’m Mina Deocareza, a writer and editor based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I hold a BA in Creative Writing from UP Diliman. Currently, I am pursuing my MA in Language and Literacy Education at UP Open University.

I work as a copy editor for International Business Times. I also serve as the editorial director of Sinaya Cup, the most trusted menstrual cup brand in the Philippines.

My work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Men’s Health Magazine, Clavel Sneaker Magazine, Philippines Graphic, Tomás, Points of Contact, and Pasya. In 2019, I was a writing fellow for creative nonfiction at the UST National Writers’ Workshop.

Apart from this site, I maintain a book blog called Maalikabook.

To get in touch with me, you may send an email to lrtqueen@hotmail.com.

Why lrtqueen?

Sometime in 2011, a professor busted me for skipping his class to go out with a guy I really liked. He even found out that we were taking the LRT-2 to Manila at the exact time his lecture was supposed to start.

That same afternoon, he shared my funny story with our entire class. He jokingly told my classmates that I might have been using the train to meet and seduce guys, and that I should probably hailed as the queen of the LRT. I liked the idea, so I embraced the nickname lrtqueen.

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