Hi, I’m Mina!

I am a writer and editor based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I hold a BA in creative writing from UP Diliman and am pursuing my MA in language and literacy education at UP Open University.

Currently, I’m an editor for MSN Philippines, a news portal owned by Microsoft. I also serve as the editorial director of a local menstrual cup brand called Sinaya Cup.

My works have already appeared in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Men’s Health Magazine, Clavel Sneaker Magazine, and Philippines Graphic. From time to time, I contribute to When in Manila, too. In 2019, I was a writing fellow for creative nonfiction at the UST National Writers Workshop.

Apart from this site, I also maintain a book blog called Maalikabook!

To get in touch with me, kindly send an email to lrtqueen4ever@gmail.com

So, why lrtqueen?

As an undergrad, I was once caught cutting classes by my own prof. Worse, he found out that I was actually on the LRT with a guy. That same afternoon, lrtqueen was born.

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