14 things you can do in Siquijor

It’s already been over four years since our trip to Siquijor. Many things have already happened to me since then, but I still can’t get over the beauty of this island.

Now you may be wondering, Why go to Siquijor in the first place? Well, the good news is that you will never run out of fun things to do there.

Sunbathe on Salagdoong Beach

Get a tan while enjoying the majestic view from Salagdoong Beach in Maria, Siquijor. It is also a perfect place where you can bond with the entire squad or with your family. 

Take a plunge from its famous diving spot

One of the main attractions on Salagdoong Beach is its diving spot. From that point, you can jump into the clear water as your friends cheer you on. Don’t forget to ask someone to take your photos as you go on YOLO mode! If you’re not brave enough to do this, you might want to try the slide there instead.

Marvel at Cambugahay Falls

Located in Lazi, Siquijor, Cambugahay Falls is one of the most famous attractions on the island. A lot of people love it for its cool and refreshing turquoise-colored water. 

Have a unique spa experience under the Century Old Balete Tree 

After a day of exploration, you might want to check out the century-old Balete tree in Lazi, Siquijor. Underneath it is a pond where you can dip your feet and let some fish eat away the dead skin on them.

Say a prayer at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church 

When you arrive on the island, expect to see St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church. It’s just a few steps away from the port. Of course, practicing Catholics can always say a prayer there, so they can get protection throughout their trip.

Learn about this church’s history and architectural design

Apart from playing an important role in the lives of Catholics on the island, this church is also famous for its impressive architectural design. 

Visit San Isidro Labrador Parish Church 

Another famous church on Siquijor is the San Isidro Labrador Parish Church in Lazi. Right across it is a convent that was used for the rest and recreation of the Spanish friars. 

Get closer to nature at Bandilaan Forest Ecosystem 

Named after the guerilla who hoisted the flag on its peak during the war, Bandilaan Forest Ecosystem is definitely one of the best reasons why you should visit Siquijor. It is perfect for anyone who seeks some peace and quiet. It is great for nature lovers, too.

See the rest of the island from its viewing deck

Lots of other attractions can be seen within its vicinity, including a tower from where you can see the rest of the island. 

Learn more about mangroves at Guiwanon Spring Park and Mangrove Reserve

If you have always been curious about mangroves, then you should visit the Guiwanon Spring Park and Mangrove Reserve. Among the things it is famous for are its suspended bridges made from bamboos and mangroves.

Have a great time with friends at Guiwanon Spring Park’s Canteen

Within Guiwanon Spring Park and Mangrove Reserve, you can find a canteen where you can have a great time with friends while having snacks. From there, you can also see the ocean as well as the mangroves and footbridges. 

Learn more about marine biodiversity at Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

It is a protected area that is considered as the oldest sanctuary in the province. There, you can snorkel and see a wide variety of marine creatures, including clownfish, clams, sea cucumbers, and starfishes. 

Watch the sunset while drinking beer at the honesty bar of The Baha Ba’r

One of the best sunsets I have ever seen in my life is the one I was able to watch from the honesty bar of the The Baha Ba’r. What’s more, I was drinking beer with friends while enjoying the great view.

Buy love potions

A trip to Siquijor won’t be complete without shopping for some love potions. You may also get some herbal oils, other kinds of medicinal products, amulets, and other souvenirs from sellers around the island.

So, see you in Siquijor after this pandemic?

Featured image from Canva


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