That city called Baguio

Tim and I rewatched That Thing Called Tadhana last weekend, and of course, it made us miss Baguio more. Actually, we’ve been thinking of this place a lot lately. It has already been a year since our last vacation there, and in this weather, it is really not too hard to be reminded of this city.

But we can’t go to Baguio yet. To be honest, even if they lift the travel restrictions soon, I don’t think it would be a good idea to travel there immediately. So I guess I’ll keep on reminiscing about it in the meantime. I will continue to look at the photographs I took from my previous Baguio trips and recall the nice moments I spent there.

UP Baguio

up baguio

It’s where I spent my freshman year, and I can say that it is really one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever been to. Of course, I also have a lot of nice memories here. It is where I started to learn more about who I am and where I began dreaming of being a creative writer.

Session Road

session road baguio

Anyone who’s ever been to Baguio knows that Session Road is a destination in itself. There are lots of things to see along this road, after all. Plus, walking here regardless of the weather is an experience to behold. Just be careful and don’t get robbed.

Ridgewood Hotel

ridgewood hotel baguio

This was our home during the USTNWW in 2019, so we were here for a week. My co-fellows and I loved hanging out at the lobby to drink beer and exchange stories. Of course, its function hall was also very memorable for all of us, for it was where all our sessions were held.

View from Oh My Gulay

view from oh my gulay baguio

I had already been hearing a lot of good things about Oh My Gulay before, but I didn’t set foot on it until April 2019. We had a one-day break from the writing workshop, so some of my co-fellows and I decided to roam around the city. This place was one of our stops. Apart from the food, we also enjoyed the great view from its balcony.

Museo Kordilyera

museo kordilyera baguio

Museo Kordilyera is one of the places I keep coming back to whenever I visit Baguio. I really appreciate its exhibits, since there are always a lot of things to learn from them. Plus, the place itself is so beautiful. I also like the little coffee shop there.

Mt. Cloud Bookshop

mt cloud bookshop baguio

I have always loved Mt. Cloud. I spent a lot of time, bought a number of local books, and even attended a lecture in its old location. Then, last April, I was able to visit its new home. It was a bit far from the center but a lot bigger! I can’t wait to visit it again.

Camp John Hay

camp john hay baguio

Walking around Camp John Hay is one of the things I like to do whenever I’m in Baguio. It’s just nice to look around and see lots of trees and check out different establishments here. Whether it’s a cafe, a gift shop, or a family restaurant you’re looking for, you can find it here. Sure, its hotels are also well-known.

Cafe Yagam

cafe yagam baguio

It’s one of my favorite coffee shops in Baguio! Sadly though, it’s closing its doors for good, according to a recent social media post. But I also learned that the owners would continue to sell quality coffee beans. I will miss this place, definitely.

View from Arca’s Yard

view from arca's yard baguio

I have only been to Arca’s Yard once, and I cannot wait to visit it again. It’s an underrated establishment that offers great food and views. It is also very cozy. I was alone when I went there, so and I had fun reading a book while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a great meal. I also found the view from its balcony very relaxing.


Reading is one of the things I really enjoy doing whenever I’m in Baguio. And, when looking for new books to devour, Bookends is definitely one of my go-to places. This shop offers a lot of interesting titles at reasonable prices. In fact, the last time I was there, I saw that they were selling books by the kilo.

Baguio Botanical Garden

Okay, this place’s kind of touristy, but I have to admit that I still enjoy going here. Especially on weekdays. I like being surrounded by plants and trees, and I think this place is just perfect for that. My sisters love this place, too, and I enjoy taking their photos whenever we’re here.

Ili-Likha Artist Village

This photo will never be enough to showcase the beauty of this place. But what can I do? It’s the only decent photo I have of it, probably because I lose my mind whenever I visit this place. Or, perhaps I’m always too preoccupied with food that I don’t have time to take photos of things around or in front of me other than what I am about to eat.

Burnham Park

It’s already been over a decade since I last tried boating at Burnham Park. And oh, I don’t miss it at all. Yet, I still go to this park whenever I visit Baguio. I just like walking around it and seeing its lake, no matter how murky the water has become.

Glenn 50’s Diner

We loved having Sunday brunches at Glenn 50’s Diner during our freshman year. My go-to order was Mama’s Kidd, a combination of chicken, spaghetti, fries, and rice. It was a dream-come-true for a carb-loving person like me. I still love it to this day. It’s no longer located where it used to be, but I guess I am never outgrowing it. I still love Mama’s Kidd!

Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins is one of the most well-known eating places in Baguio City. No wonder it’s featured in That Thing Called Tadhana. I’ve only been there once, and what I mostly remember about the place is its great coffee. In fact, it’s where I first had a siphon coffee. Truly a great experience!

Hill Station

Hill Station is a bit pricey, but I keep coming back to it anyway. Its coffee is to die for. I also love its Lechon Kawali with Laing sa Gata and its famous dessert called Death by Chocolate. The restaurant is located in Casa Vallejo, where Mt. Cloud Bookshop and Cinematheque Baguio used to be.


I used to go to Rumours a lot when I was still a huge fan of drinking and smoking (and when smoking was still allowed in some establishments). I used to bring friends here as well and had a lot of fun talking to them about almost everything under the sun while drinking beer or cocktails. Then, whenever I got hungry, I’d simply grab shawarma from the stall right outside the bar.

View from Bencab Museum

It’s actually in Tuba, Benguet, but it’s often associated with Baguio. Going there can be a bit challenging if you don’t drive, but it’s definitely worth the effort. The best time to visit here is on weekdays.

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