Consider the Liebster

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for a decade now, but this is the first time I’m doing this. Besides not being too active here these past few years, I also didn’t interact a lot with other bloggers here, which basically limited my chances of getting nominations.

But a few days ago, Jolens nominated me for the Liebster Award. Although I know awards such as this one don’t really mean a lot, I still appreciate it. The whole thing seems fun, after all! And I think it’s a great way to discover other great blogs to follow.

Thank you for the nomination, Jolens!

So, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  3. Name 11 fun facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  5. Ask your nominees 11 questions.

My answer to Jolens’ questions:

Why do you blog?

Right now, it’s more of a practice for me. I’ve been pushing myself to write more these past few months, and blogging’s been really helpful. But I won’t deny that part of the reason why I’m still doing this is because I somehow overvalue my own opinions, something I only realized when I read “The I in the Internet” in Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion. It says:

The internet is also a large part inextricable from life’s pleasures: our friends, our families, our communities, our pursuits of happiness, and—sometimes, if we’re lucky—our work. In part out of a desire to preserve what’s worthwhile from the decay that surrounds it, I’ve been thinking about five intersecting problems: first, how the internet is built to distend our sense of identity; second, how it encourages you to overvalue our opinions; third, how it maximizes our sense of opposition; fourth, how it cheapens our understanding of solidarity; and, finally, how it destroys our sense of scale.

What do you like most about yourself?

I’m not a quitter, and I think that’s great. I have already encountered a lot of difficulties in life, but instead of abandoning my goals, I push myself harder to reach them.

What is one thing that you are very good at?

Learning! I’m a fast learner and I take learning very seriously. Also, I always see to it that I always have something new to learn each year.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

I have to say, it’s Mitski’s “Last Words of a Shooting Star”. I first heard of it a few weeks ago, and fell in love with it right away. I think it’s well-written, and Mitski’s voice is just mesmerizing.

What constellations can you recognize when you look up at a starry sky?


What was the last Filipino film you saw?

Cuddle Weather (2019). I really like this film! I watched it for the first time last year, when we were in Baguio for a vacation and I rewatch it every now and then.

What goes on in your head when you solve 38 + 47?

I add 7 and 8 first, then combine 3 with 4.

When did you last laugh?

Earlier, while watching Big Bang Theory.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? (If you don’t drink, why not?)

San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

What has been your most expensive purchase to date?

Does education count?

What are you excited about?

Books! I have a lot of great titles in my reading list and I can’t wait to read all of them.

11 fun facts about me:

  1. I grew up in Antipolo City.
  2. I’ve never attended a private school.
  3. I was so into painting when I was a kid, so I thought I’d be a visual artist someday. But things changed when I got into writing.
  4. I love Donna Tartt’s The Secret History.
  5. A former lover blocked me on Facebook and stopped talking to me entirely after my essay about him had been published on
  6. I started drinking coffee when I was four.
  7. I auditioned for and got into the UP Singing Ambassadors in 2009, but I had to quit because of financial problems. I looked for a part-time job instead.
  8. UP wasn’t my dream school, but I was the only one who passed the UPCAT in our batch.
  9. I don’t know how to swim.
  10. I listen to Coldplay’s “Christmas Lights” over and over when I’m sad.
  11. I used to host provincial bridal fairs.

Unfortunately though, I can’t nominate 11 bloggers to do this because most of the bloggers I’ve been actively following and interacting with lately already did this.

Title inspired by David Foster Wallace’s “Consider the Lobster.”

Banner photo from Canva.


  1. Uuuuy, yay, sinagutan mo! Ang sayaaa! 😀

    Gusto ko rin ‘yang essay na ‘yan ni Jia Tolentino! Actually nagustuhan ko rin ‘yung buong book, although gets ko rin ‘yung critique na parang display lang daw siya of self-awareness ng author, i.e. ginagawa pa rin naman ni Jia ‘yung mga bagay na kini-criticize niya so, anong point? Char, haha.

    Nagustuhan mo ba ‘yung buong Trick Mirror?

    Nakaka-inspire naman ‘yang not-a-quitter mode mo. Sana ako rin, huhu. I tend to quit before I even begin doing anything e, choz.

    Pareho tayo sa favourite alcoholic drink. Pale Pilsen is love talaga. ❤

    "A former lover blocked me on Facebook…" — ang taray! Hahahaha. Binad-mouth mo ba siya sa article? Nag-name drop ka? Charot, ang tsismosa ko haha sorreh.

    Sayang naman n'ung UPSA. 😦 Parang ang multi-talented mo naman, girl! Marunong magsulat, marunong magpinta, tapos marunong din kumanta?? Sana all! Haha.

    So ano 'yung dream school mo? Hehehe, curious lang.

    Salamat ulit sa pagsagot Mina!!! ❤


    1. Hi Jolens!

      Di ko pa tapos yung Trick Mirror. I had to take a break after the third essay. Nagustuhan ko, pero ang dami lang kailangang i-proseso! At oo, may ganoon din akong na-sense habang binabasa siya. Although commendable yung self-awareness ng author at yung pagiging thought-provoking ng mga piyesa, di ko pa rin maiwasang magmuni-muni tungkol sa implications nun at sa fact na ginagawa niya nga rin naman talaga yung mga bagay na na-discuss sa essays niya. May point din na napapaisip ako kung may tendency siyang maging self-righteous. But then again, yung title ng book ay Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusions. HAHAHA!

      Doon sa pagiging palaban ko, siguro pinatibay lang talaga ako ng UP. Ang hirap ng buhay nung undergrad pero makapal lang talaga mukha ko, ayokong patalo. Yun nga lang, may mga bagay talagang kailangan isakripisyo, gaya nung UPSA. At oo, sobrang sayang yun! Yung isa kong kaibigan na nauna lang sa akin nang kaunti, nakasama pa sa Europe trip nila. So kung di ako umalis, baka nakapaglamyerda rin ako sa Europa. Well, at least nakaraket naman ako at nairaos ang college.

      Yung sa essay, hindi naman ako nag name-drop. Pero friends kami sa Facebook dati at in good terms naman (may maayos na closure kami before grad). Pero after ko-share ko yung article sa timeline ko, biglang blocked na ako. Ito yung essay, for your reference:

      Wala akong super dream school na pinapangarap simula nung bata pa ako, pero nung high school, gusto kong magsulat at magturo at marami sa mga nakikilala kong magagaling na teachers at writing coach ay galing sa PNU kaya yun yung gusto kong pasukan.

      Also yes, Pale Pilsen forever!

      Thank you, Jolens!


      1. Hahaha. Oo nga naman, nire-recognize nga naman ni Jia na may pagka-delusional ang marami sa mga sinasabi niya. (At talagang first-name basis ako sa kanya, ‘no? Close kami hahaha.)

        Ay, hala, sayang nga ‘yung Euro tour! ‘Di bale, may oras pa naman. Hindi naman aalis ang Europa sa kinalalagyan n’ya, pwede ka pa ring dumalaw sa mga darating na taon hehe.

        Naku, na-offend si kuya sa article na ‘yun? Tsk tsk. Pero at least maayos ang break-up ninyo. Oks na ‘yun! Hahaha.

        Ahh, PNU. Oo nga, mahuhusay nga ang mga kakilala kong guro mula PNU. Kahit ‘yung writing coach namin n’ung high school, doon din nagtapos.

        Salamat din, Mina! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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