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How do you remember someone you barely know?

First, try to gather whatever memories you have of him, regardless of how brief or how faded they may seem. These may include the last meal you had together, even if you can barely remember how lovely the smile on his face was. Sure, even if you can no longer remember his face.

You may also include the last song he sang along to, perhaps while you were on your last trip together. Can’t remember how is voice sounded like? It’s fine. Make do with what you have. When in doubt, think about the last conversation you had. Specifics not required; a broad idea of what your topic was will do, since yes, you have to make do with what you have.

Then, spin these memories in countless ways possible. Use your imagination; the possibilities are endless. Inside your head, re-imagine these fragments. You may even choose your own adventure.

Last meal? Maybe he was having fried chicken that time. Yes, right! Because according to your mother, they had plenty of fried chicken when they were still together. Or, perhaps, burger? Your mother also mentioned about them having dates before work at the Wendy’s branch near their office.

Last song? How about “Unchained Melody”? Do you remember that one afternoon when your mother cried upon hearing that song on the radio? Yes, that time she cried because their theme song still crushed her heart each time she’d hear it. It could also be “Himala” by Rivermaya. He liked the band, right? He, in fact, had a CD collection of Tunog Kalye, and you stole two of them from the house he rented with his new family one time you spent a weekend with them.

And how about the last conversation? Perhaps it had to do with your birthday. He was asking what your plan was and told you he could give you some cash for that. He could not see you on that day, though, and you could no longer remember what his excuse was. Work? As usual. The other family? Most likely.

Again, spin these memories in whatever way you wish or can. Use your imagination! Keep in mind that possibilities are endless; over and over, re-imagine these fragments until they seem suitable or enough. We choose our own truths, anyway.



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