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Back to School ‘Feels’

Tomorrow begins another school year for many students in the Philippines.

The other day, I went to a nearby book store and saw a couple of students shopping for school supplies parents and friends. Having seen such a scene, I could not help but reminisce the good old days.

School was the most important thing to me as kid, perhaps because I was always number one in class. No wonder, first day of school really mattered to me. Since I was really competitive, I saw it as an opportunity to make really good impressions and let my teachers and classmates know how serious I was with academics. Of course, school supplies also meant a lot to me. They some of the most essential tools I needed as I aimed for excellence.

My parents knew this so well, especially my father. Despite his busy schedule, he would always find time to accompany me to the mall to do some shopping. He was also aware of how picky I was. I wanted nice-looking notebooks made from quality paper, preferably manufactured by well-known brands. I was also very particular with my writing tools and he knew how insecure I could feel when my pens and pencils weren’t enough in terms of number. Coloring materials were of high importance, too. I was so crazy about them that I asked him for a set of 64 crayons set in second grade, even when we were only required to have a set of 24.

We were far from rich, but my parents gave me what I wanted. It was probably because they were sure that every centavo spent on my studies would be worth it anyway. They didn’t even have to push me to do well at school; it was something I was just so passionate about. I was also good at drawing and had a really neat and nice penmanship as a child.

Oh, memories.


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  1. Good old days. I love bookstore trips din. Even if I don’t get new books to reads, the sight of neatly stacked supplies of envelopes, folders, reams of different papers, bundles of pens and pencils, etc. make my heart beat faster. Thinking about it now makes me smile.


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