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Being Joyful and Giving Others the Gift of Joy

I ran away from home three days before the Christmas of 2013. Things were already getting worse then and even the holidays weren’t enough reason for me to stay any longer.

While hurriedly carrying my stuff out of the house, I could not help but worry about spending Christmas alone for the very first time in my life. The idea killed me deep inside, since I had always looked forward to spending those special days with my family.

But that didn’t happen, thanks to the amazing people who just wouldn’t allow me to spend the holidays drowning in tears. They made sure that I would still feel loved and happy even though I wasn’t with my family and I am forever thankful for their kindness.

Such a situation taught me to be sensitive during the holiday season. Here in the Philippines, Christmas celebrations are usually about the family. People are expected to come home and spend time with their families. In fact, many post greetings like, “Merry Christmas to my family to yours.”

How about those who can’t come home? How about those who are not in good terms with their very own families?

I hope that as we celebrate this season, we don’t forget about those do may be going through something–those who may not be reuniting with their families, for whatever reasons there are. I also hope that we try our best not only to be sensitive to them but also to do something to give these people the gift of joy, in our little ways.

Happy holidays!



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