Month: June 2015

#2: A Craigslist Ad

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A Baguio Trip to Remember

Baguio has always been my heaven. I fell in love with the city during my freshman days at the University of the Philippines Baguio. Although I stayed there for only a year (I transferred to UP Diliman and took another course), my love for Baguio hasn’t changed. And yes, I consider myself very lucky for having visited the city again last summer. I left Quezon City at 11:00 pm on May 25. As usual, I took a Victory Liner bus. The trip was long and it was a good thing I was able to sleep in the duration of it. By the time I reached Baguio, I was already energized. The original plan was to head straight to Cafe by the Ruins for breakfast. But since I got there at around 6:00 am and the cafe would not open until 7:00 am, I stayed at McDonald’s Insular first and enjoyed a glass of Plain Iced Coffee. I left McDonald’s minutes after 7:00 and went to Cafe by the Ruins. It was my first time there and …

Angus Tapa Centrale: Indulge in Prime Quality Beef Tapa 24/7

Maginhawa and Malingap Streets in Quezon City never run out of mouth-watering treats, making them a real haven for foodies and casual diners alike. With all the restaurants that can be found in the area, finding an eating place where you can have an epic dining experience is not much of a challenge—unless you have an irregular schedule like me. In fact, I’ve already had a fair share of heart-breaking moments with some of the establishments here. I crave something in the middle of the night, walk along these famous streets to find a place that interests me, only to find out that the said establishment is already closing for the day. Perhaps it is the series of similar experiences that has taught me to be more strategic and keep an eye on restaurants that are open 24/7. Well, Angus Tapa Centrale is one of these life savers. Whether you have an odd shift at work, or are simply not fond of hitting the sheets at night, expect its doors to be open for you …

Boracay Island, Philippines

Summer is almost over here in the Philippines. Yet, before I start posting stuff about my summer adventures, I want to share these photos first. I was lucky to have celebrated New Year’s in Boracay with E and his family. There was a storm signal in the island when we went there but it did not stop us from having fun. We even tried parasailing! The island was also very beautiful that it shone despite the bad weather.