Month: May 2015

Apply Your Video Racing Skills to Real-Life Circuit Driving With GT Academy!

Are you into video racing? Why keep your skills to your self when you can apply your video racing skills to real-life circuit driving? Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) recently introduced the GT Academy to the country, opening doors to Filipinos wanting to break into the racing profession. With the GT Academy, any player who can prove their driving skills in the world of video games can compete in a real racetrack. From the time trials in the recruitment stage that will run until June, the 20 fastest gamers will advance to the National Finals in July, where they will shift to real race cars. The top 6 drivers will join Asia’s best at the Race Camp in August at the prestigious Silverstone Racing Circuit in the UK where they will be tested on their strength, stamina, mental agility and of course, driving skills. The emerging winner will join others from the different regions in a series of rigorous training under the Driver Development Program. Since its launch in 2008, the 2015 GT Academy season will …

Cake Shots: Alcohol-Laced Cupcakes

With all the cupcakes available in the market today, how can you even decide what to try next without getting a headache? The good news is that Cake Shots, a new online cupcake store, is already here to make the seemingly gruesome decision-making process easier for us. With its guilt-free alcohol-laced cupcakes (that look too good at the same time), you are sure to be hooked until you won’t have to think again the next time. You’ll just crave for them over and over! Learn about these awesome cupcakes when you read my newest article.

Beach-Ready Body? Possible with MySlim!

Summer is nearing its end. In case you haven’t had much fun under the sun because you feel like your body is not summer ready yet, don’t worry.  That’s because you can actually feel summer-ready throughout the year. Among the things you can do to achieve this goal is drinking MySlim Slimming and Detox Drink and taking MySlim Natural Fat Burner Complex. What’s really great about them is that they can help you achieve a beach-ready body without compromising your health. This incredible drink contains Finomate/EFLA920 (Yerba Mate Extract). Coming from yerba mate or green mate leaf, it is an all-natural ingredient that increases your energy level while facilitating weight loss. It also makes you crave less for it helps suppress appetite while lowering fat absorption and quickening the fat burning procedure. It also has Palatinose. Naturally derived from Sucrose, this is used to sweeten this sugar-free drink. It also controls the release of glucose into the blood, allowing you to have more stable energy than can last longer. Carnipure is also present in the …