Writing Exercises
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#1: Yesterday’s Horoscope

#1: Write Yesterday’s Horoscope.


Be careful what you wish for. You may not be aware of it, but you are, in fact, attracting negative energies that can make bad things happen.


When you are queuing for train tickets one morning and a stranger cuts in line all of a sudden, it is easy to utter a thoughtless “fuck you,” followed by hurried “mamamatay ka rin.”

Several minutes pass, your turn comes and you get your ticket. You embark and stand still inside the overcrowded car, of course still thinking about the asshole who cut in the line earlier. Once again, you fire countless “fuck you’s” and wish for his death. You even revise the mantra and add, “soon.” As in, “Mamamatay ka rin, soon.

You finally reach your destination. You are now in a hurry, for you are getting late for work. Sure, you think, “it’s all thanks to that asshole dude.” To console yourself, you softly say, “Kuya, mamamatay ka rin. Soon.”

You go out of the train station and notices there’s some kind of a commotion. Somebody got hit by a metro bus, somebody says.

“Who cares?” You tell yourself, you are getting late for work.

Namatay na nga siya.


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