Month: February 2015

#1: Yesterday’s Horoscope

Be careful what you wish for. You may not be aware of it, but you are, in fact, attracting negative energies that can make bad things happen.


Fringe Manila 2015: CANTON ATBP

Canton and Himalaya present two contrasting faces of contemporary Filipino society: one that thrives, and one that strives to survive. Ea Torrado’s Canton draws from the strained lives of sex workers in Manila, wrought by oppression and the desperation that ensues. Showcased at the Ho Chih Minh International Dance Festival, Canton gives form to narratives that are often ignored and left shapeless. In Himalaya, the spirit of bayanihan of pre-colonial Filipino communities still resonates in everyday life in urban Manila. Unity, cooperation and abundance come to life in this new work, featuring the music of Makiling Ensemble. SHOWDATES: February 27 (Friday) 8pm February 28 (Saturday) 3pm and 8pm Venue: CCP Huseng Batute Theater For details, tickets and interested showbuyers: Contact Alyanna Pamintuan or Christel Manalo Mobile no.: 09153749609 or 09358642355 Email: Tickets are also available on Ticketworld at or 891-9999 Source:

An Afternoon at Mateo’s

We loved everything about Mateo’s. We found the place really awesome. When we visited the place one Sunday afternoon in January, we felt nostalgic. It was as if we were home. Actually, we went there to learn crochet. Teacher Rosey had her first crochet workshop and we were lucky to become part of it. All of a sudden, we traveled to the past, remembering the good old days. And of course, we also tried the food. Everything was simply amazing. I can’t even find the right words to describe them. Definitely, we’ll come back for more of these mouth-watering treats.

Notes on Moving

As I pack my bags, I pretend to feel something for the first time. I try to convince myself that it is all new, and that it will take long for me to finally get used to things. Later on, it occurs to me that there is nothing wrong with being too familiar about it–this feeling, this situation. As a budding poet once said in a poetry reading event, Just because I don’t know what ‘stay’ means doesn’t mean that I can’t. For the record,  I can stay. Or, more appropriately, I want to. However, there are certain things that are simply out of my control: my parents shouting and threatening to kill one another, the terror of living in a barangay where there is always flood and fire, the landlady telling your mom to leave home because she can’t pay the rent, purchase of a new home, a notice saying your house will soon be acquired by a financial institution because your mom can’t pay her debt, work in another place, and the realization that you …