Month: January 2015

Amanda, Oh, Amanda

I think I am already obsessed with Amanda Palmer. Two weeks ago, while we were having coffee at Starbucks Technohub, I asked Andy to recommend some good songs I could listen to. He asked me to write down three moods and for some reason, I included “sexy.” Because of that, he recommended “Coin-Operated Boy” by The Dresden Dolls. I fell in love with it instantly. The next day, he told me that the woman in the duo was actually Neil Gaiman’s wife. Yes, Amanda Palmer. I was surprised. I have known about Neil ever since undergrad days. He has been one of our literary heroes and he has saved the lives of many friends of mine. I also loved a speech he once delivered about literacy and libraries. However, I hadn’t really made an effort to know more about his personal life until I learned about Amanda. Now, I cannot help but think how awesome things are. Wow, a very talented musician’s married to an awesome author. Cool couple, really. Of course, I won’t deny that …

‘Why Reading Paper Books is Better for Your Mind’

Then, there’s the appeal of a hard copy. What fascinates me is how many people – from teenagers to millennials to those of a certain age – prefer print when reading both for pleasure and for school or work. Drawing examples from my own research, some of the reasons are aesthetic (“charm of actually turning pages” and “scent of a new book”). Others involve a sense of accomplishment (“able to see how much I read”), ease of annotation (“I can write on the pages”), and navigation (“easy to locate where I was”). In contrast, I hear abundant complaints about eye strain and headaches when using screens. Read: The case against e-readers: Why reading paper books is better for your mind on

Thoughts on UPCAT Results

It’s this time of the year again. Many years have already passed since I conquered the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), yet I still cannot help but become so emotional. For one, I am feeling nostalgic just thinking about the old times. Plus, anything that has something to do with UPCAT and UP never fails to provoke my thoughts. Sure, even my UP Pride soars. UPCAT Results somehow remind me how lucky I am for qualifying for the country’s national university. Seeing a lot of people get sad and even frustrated for not making it to the list, I cannot help but feel how good I am. However, it should not just be about these things. UPCAT Results may be an instant ego booster for many including myself, but there are definitely things that are way more important than this.