Month: November 2014

BLTX VI: Zines, Comics, Books, Fora, and More!

The sixth run of the Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX VI) is happening this December 6 and 7, 2:00 PM onwards, at the Uno Morato. Zines, comics, books, and other stuff will be sold during the event. There will also be fora, from which you can learn lots of things. Here’s the map to the venue: For more details, visit its event page on Facebook. See you there! Advertisements

Urban Cafe: Serving Awesome Croc Dishes in the Metro

No need to pack your bags and book a flight to elsewhere to taste epic crocodile dishes. Thanks to The Urban Cafe, they are now in the city, so you can have crocodile dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—every single day of your life. Located at the Wilcon Center along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City, this newly-opened establishment is the newest go-to place not just for lovers of crocodile dishes, but also for those who simply want to give it a try. And we’re telling you: once you try it, you’re going to come back for more. To be honest, we had mixed emotions before we went to The Urban Cafe. We felt a bit nervous about eating crocodile meat. We did not even know how cooked croc meat would look like. Would it be like pork, chicken, fish, or something exotic-looking? Would we be able to swallow it with our nerves continuously sending signals to our brains, enough for us to always, always be reminded it was croc meat and not anything else? Read our …


Looking for Ongpin

There are always lots of possibilities when you are looking for a street. With every turn, there are so many probabilities. Yet, we found Ongpin Street. We found it without a map. We did not even ask anyone for directions. We just followed our instincts and we were simply willing to get lost. Our quest took place one Saturday morning. We were supposed to visit UP Diliman but for some reason, we thought of going to the Chinatown instead. So from Antipolo, we boarded a jeepney bound for Cubao and got off at the Santolan Station of the LRT Line 2 where we rode the train going to Recto. Then from Recto, we walked going to Doroteo Jose Street. We were welcomed by Chinese Lanterns which kind of gave us a hint that it could be a legit path to Ongpin–or something like that. This idea was supported by the fact that there were Chinese-looking characters on the signs of the establishments around. With all these in mind, we continued walking. We were really unaware …

#IntramurosRising: Intramuros Has Risen!

We’re also aware that it was just the beginning. Just as the sound of rock music was able to grow louder and louder until it was able to help us find its source that night, the sound Intramuros started to produce would grow, too, until it’s loud enough for people to hear. Then, eventually, this sound would help them realize that there are actually lots of things taking place in between its seemingly quiet walls. And for sure, the things about to come would be more exciting; they’d be among the many things people should look forward to when in Manila. Read our review here.