Ang Kuwentong ChoKiss Ko

Wala akong ideyang iyon na ang magiging huling kain ko roon. Ni hindi ko manlang nanamnam ang order ko, mapa-beef stroganoff, salisbury steak, carbonara, o mushroom aglio olio man iyon.

Milo madness

One night, we ran out of Milo and I was devastated. I cried a lot. Good thing, my Uncle Leo was there. He tried to pacify me by telling me we’d buy lots of Milo the next day. A truckload of it.

Some things you should know

One thing that would make you think twice: realizing the fact that after graduation, a wider and more dangerous world awaits you. And you begin to hear the vultures flapping their wings.

Spaghetti ang ambag ko

Paborito ko talaga ang Pinoy spaghetti. Oo, yung asim-tamis na may mapulang sauce at sinabuyan pa ng ginadgad na keso. Sa tuwing makakakain ako nito, talagang sumasaya ako.

Dating lessons I wish my younger self knew

If you’re going to ask me if I regret some of the things I did when I was younger, my answer would be a big fat YES. In fact, there are so many things I wish my younger self knew.

Finding joy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I know my fascination with ACNH has a lot to do with my current disappointment and frustration with everything taking place around me, especially here in the Philippines where uncertainty always looms.

Remembering Romblon, Romblon

I spent eight days in Romblon in April 2018. A close friend was from there, so it was easy to travel around the island. Since we both wanted a relaxing experience, we decided to just go for one destination per day.

Of course, I had fun in Siargao

Of course, I had a great time in Siargao. However, I refuse to reduce this island into something that’s just purely fun and beauty. It was a real island with real people who had real problems, too.

Dealing with productivity guilt

I think it’s just okay be a little kinder to myself. I need to slow down or even take a break once in a while. I need accept that certain situations could negatively impact my productivity, and that’s just okay.

San Sebastian: More than just a pretty church

San Sebastian Church is so beautiful that it’s always included in the lists of the most picture-perfect churches in the Philippines. For me, though, it’s more than just a pretty structure.

Sandwich, stick, cup

I was able to transform from that little girl at the sari-sari store, so naïve that she believed what her aunt had handed the customer was a pack of sandwich, into the woman that I was right at that moment.

Corned beef confessions

Ginto ang corned beef sa bahay namin noong bata pa ako. Dahil limitado lang ang budget namin sa pamilya, kadalasang itlog, tuyo, instant noodles, at delata lang ang ulam namin noon.


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